Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Here come my 4th semester!!!

Seriously, I not so like the timetable for this semester

because the period for a class is too LONG

all classes are running for 3 hours!!!

For me I can't really concentrate in the 3 hours class

but I will keep losing concentration..xD

Well, I think this semester will be the WORST!!!

Know why?!

Just continue the below part :

1st - 3hours for each class!!!

2nd - The 3subjects that I am taking are all THEORY!!!

3rd - This is the SHORT semester!!!

4th - FINAL exam is just after Chinese New Year!!!

How am I going to study?!


~~ Sukda ~~

~~ Fione ~~

~~ Ace ~~

~~ Stephy ~~


Big head + Big face!!!

~~ Iyvonne & Imin ~~

~~ Iyvonne, Imin and Sam ~~

~~ 4 of us ~~

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