Friday, January 8, 2010

Just For Fun!!! xD

Last 2 days I was like super duper busy

but don't know why today feels extremely FREE!!!

So I decided to post up those of my SAMPAT pics!!! xD

WEE!!! Cute monkey~~ ^^

"Si Da Fei"~~hahax..xD

"Si Da Fei" with popcorns!!! Yum~~Yum~~xD


Like the pillow!!! ^^

Going to attack you~~LOL!!! xD

Like this pic~~ ^^

Erm..the time we were there is around "..." Can guess it?!

Mice?! Mouse?! No Idea~~

Three of them so COOL!!! xD


  1. Ang Ang :

    Hahax..erm..if didn't remember wrong is Island Plaza le..xD

  2. haha..presents for me^^

  3. Shi Jie :

    LOL!!! Why talked like sasa?!
    She also say is her birthday present..hahax..xD

  4. means is my present?? i sure will go and meet u this cny..

  5. Shi Jie :

    LOL!!! another swt girl~~din buy it to be ur birthday present wor?!