Saturday, October 31, 2009



Noon went to INTI with FORMAL WEAR

to take photos for the booklet!!! ^^

Thanks the photographer~~ ^^ always see this girl appear in my blog..xD

Lei and me

Disted JCI's Leng Lui President - Stacy

Another Leng Lui - Jing Yee

Han, me and Yong Nang

Yong Nang, me and Yin

No idea when both of them become so FRIEND?! xD


We met up Yin's brother, Yan Sheng and Yee Theng

then 5 of us went to FACES!!!

Nothing special for this year Halloween night

but still a memory~~ ^^

BIG glass of drinks!!!

Yin, me and ah Theng

Thursday, October 29, 2009



Erm..bad day?!

A girl who overslept and didn't go for her FINAL exam!!!

Really give her "kek si" le~~phew~~

Haiz..can't change the TRUTH

so as we planned it


"ge shen" sang beside me..xD

me and sasa

This girl~~always "kek" me nia d..phew~~

Yin and me

3 of us here~~

me and vampire

After that we met up ah Theng

and went to Chopper Board for dinner!!!

Erm..if i still get the right memory

that day got one person

keep on NIAM NIAM NIAM at there lo

but I think most of us were just try to ignore that person


This 2 girls always bully me nia d..xD

Erm..BATMAN?! hahax..xD

Saturday, October 24, 2009



This day me, Wan Yin and Han went to Butterworth's

to attend the CLHS's JCI Junior Installation!!! ^^


"JCI" arranged it with cups


Souvenir for Disted College

Souvenir for Inti's College

Me and Stacy

Yin and Stacy

Me and Yin

Me and Han

Me and Yin

Yin and Han

Me and Han


Me and Yong Nang

Me and Xinyi

Erm..don't know what is her's name..but is a CUTE girl!!!

Another CUTE girl~~don't know her's name also..xD

He was targeting CUTE girl to take photo with him...xD


2 Guys with 1 small little CUTE girl!!! ^^

~~3 of us~~

After that we went to E&O Hotel

just for FUN!! ^^


yen here~~ ^^



Yin and Han

Me and Yin


Erm..2 or 3?!

Again~~3 of us~~ ^^

Sunday, October 18, 2009

QB's J.CO~~


As usual, today went out with Wan Yin & Vampire!!!

Addicted to cards le

so we went to QB's J.CO just for playing cards~~xD


She was busying giving out the cards~~xD

Erm..what was he doing?! ^^

Cute supermonkey~~but don't what is it function?! xD

~~3 of us~~