Tuesday, January 12, 2010



Another break time between our classes

we went to NIPPON YATAIMURA to take our lunch!!!

Erm..feel that the sushi over there not so nice le..

still the Sakae Sushi is the BEST!!! xD

While the bento there is still okay to eat~~ ^^

Erm..forget the bento's name le..but it's quite nice!! ^^

Erm..I think is Chicken's Bento~~

I ordered for Sukda d..but then I also forgot the name le..xD





Took pic with the cute doggie which in Jesmine's car!! ^^

Friday, January 8, 2010

Just For Fun!!! xD

Last 2 days I was like super duper busy

but don't know why today feels extremely FREE!!!

So I decided to post up those of my SAMPAT pics!!! xD

WEE!!! Cute monkey~~ ^^

"Si Da Fei"~~hahax..xD

"Si Da Fei" with popcorns!!! Yum~~Yum~~xD


Like the pillow!!! ^^

Going to attack you~~LOL!!! xD

Like this pic~~ ^^

Erm..the time we were there is around "..." Can guess it?!

Mice?! Mouse?! No Idea~~

Three of them so COOL!!! xD

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Here come my 4th semester!!!

Seriously, I not so like the timetable for this semester

because the period for a class is too LONG

all classes are running for 3 hours!!!

For me I can't really concentrate in the 3 hours class

but I will keep losing concentration..xD

Well, I think this semester will be the WORST!!!

Know why?!

Just continue the below part :

1st - 3hours for each class!!!

2nd - The 3subjects that I am taking are all THEORY!!!

3rd - This is the SHORT semester!!!

4th - FINAL exam is just after Chinese New Year!!!

How am I going to study?!


~~ Sukda ~~

~~ Fione ~~

~~ Ace ~~

~~ Stephy ~~


Big head + Big face!!!

~~ Iyvonne & Imin ~~

~~ Iyvonne, Imin and Sam ~~

~~ 4 of us ~~